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Another Exciting Year

Pete's Blog_holiday 2013

As we near the end of 2013, Cray is closing out one of the most transformative years in our long and proud history. In just this year alone, we successfully integrated two strategic acquisitions, won a number of large supercomputing contracts at customer sites around the world, significantly expanded our business and portfolio of solutions, continued to build the financial strength of the company, and added a host of highly-talented individuals to our team. It’s been quite a year! Since the early days of our company, starting with our iconic founder Seymour Cray, we have been a trusted partner to customers around the world with a commitment to do two things really well:  be focused on their success and help them to see around the next … [Read more...]

‘Tis the Season for Graph Analytics!

YarcData Christmas Blog_ 2013

Over at the YarcData blog, Alyssa Jarrett explains why even Santa needs a Urika appliance to help get him through this tumultuous time of year.  With variables that may interfere with Santa's travels ranging from unexpected blizzards to Rudolph getting sick to those beloved house animals who tend to despise the big bearded man, how could one individual possibly cover every well-behaved child in this world? Check out the latest YarcData blog “’Tis the Season for Graph Analytics!”  to gain some insight on how Mr. Claus does it and how a Urika appliance could help. … [Read more...]

Supercomputing to Impact Future of Deep Space Exploration

SKA Blog

Radio astronomy uses radio waves to capture images of some of the deepest, most obscure parts of space. Where optical, light-based astronomy is limited based on obstruction such as clouds or cosmic dust, radio telescopes can avoid these disruptions and identify invisible gasses and other astronomic bodies that cannot be seen through optical means. Cosmic entities like our Sun or stars in distant galaxies emit radio waves, making it possible to create images of them without being able to visibly view them through an optical telescope. The Large Telescope Working Group of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) has been trying to develop a next-generation radio observatory and, in 1991, came up with the idea of the … [Read more...]

It’s A Wrap

SC13 026_small

And another successful SC conference comes to a close. We had a fabulous week at SC13 with a busy booth and even busier briefing rooms. It all started off with a bang on Monday night with the unveiling of our new booth where we served up free Colorado microbrews and celebrated another year of new faces, new products, and new customers. Visitors to our exhibit were met with more racks of computing, storage, and analytics products than ever before. This year, Cray and three of our staff members were recognized in a special silver anniversary ceremony recognizing companies and individuals who have participated in all 25 annual SC conferences. Also in honor of this special anniversary we displayed an historic Cray-1 module and a life-size … [Read more...]

OpenACC 2.0 Elucidated

Software V2.0

In a recent blog post, David Wallace discussed the importance of OpenACC and how it is impacting the industry as a whole. Here, I will be focusing on the recently released OpenACC 2.0, its features and benefits, primary purpose, and discussions on the next version. Why release a second version of the OpenACC specification? Whenever something is done in a committee, compromises are made.  In the case of OpenACC 1.0 most of the compromises were related to what the technical committee felt could reasonably be designed in the given timeframe.  There were already four different mechanisms for programming accelerators provided by the initial four members of OpenACC.  So the technical committee took the pieces that it liked from the two … [Read more...]