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Another Exciting Year

Pete's Blog_holiday 2013

As we near the end of 2013, Cray is closing out one of the most transformative years in our long and proud history. In just this year alone, we successfully integrated two strategic acquisitions, won a number of large supercomputing contracts at customer sites around the world, significantly expanded our business and portfolio of solutions, continued to build the financial strength of the company, and added a host of highly-talented individuals to our team. It’s been quite a year! Since the early days of our company, starting with our iconic founder Seymour Cray, we have been a trusted partner to customers around the world with a commitment to do two things really well:  be focused on their success and help them to see around the next … [Read more...]

Supercomputing to Impact Future of Deep Space Exploration

SKA Blog

Radio astronomy uses radio waves to capture images of some of the deepest, most obscure parts of space. Where optical, light-based astronomy is limited based on obstruction such as clouds or cosmic dust, radio telescopes can avoid these disruptions and identify invisible gasses and other astronomic bodies that cannot be seen through optical means. Cosmic entities like our Sun or stars in distant galaxies emit radio waves, making it possible to create images of them without being able to visibly view them through an optical telescope. The Large Telescope Working Group of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) has been trying to develop a next-generation radio observatory and, in 1991, came up with the idea of the … [Read more...]

The Critical Role of Supercomputers in Weather Forecasting

Weather QA

Weather and climate shape economies and infrastructures. From food supply to recreational activities to energy resources, they touch upon nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Unfortunately, weather and climate also cause great losses, both human and economic.  In 2012, losses from natural disasters and extreme weather events totaled about $160 billion — underscoring the need for continued advancements in observational and predictive capabilities. Supercomputing plays an enormous part in the weather forecasting segment, particularly as the practice evolves to adapt to constantly changing weather patterns. Per Nyberg, director of business development with Cray, has worked extensively with leading weather and climate centers … [Read more...]

HPC solutions unlocking new climate and weather research capabilities

Cray is playing a major role in enabling advanced climate research.

Predicting the weather is so difficult that the hackneyed joke that weather forecasters are the only people who can be wrong all the time and still make a living had a grain of truth not all that long ago. This changed years ago however, as advances in meteorological studies and high-performance computing systems have allowed weather researchers to make much more accurate predictions and gain a better understanding of why weather patterns change direction or intensity. As a result, even when the local weather station is wrong, people can understand what happened and why the prediction was reasonable in the first place. Advances in high-performance computing have also had significant impacts in climate research, leading to considerable … [Read more...]

Big IO to Support Climate Change Research and Weather Prediction

Big IO- Storage

Knowledge matters when it comes to humanity's response to climate change. Global warming and severe weather can threaten lives, especially as impacts worsen over time.  The ability to predict severe weather and anticipate climate change is, therefore, essential to saving many lives and building a future in the changing world. Supercomputers can play a major role in this process because high performance computing systems provide the storage and big data capabilities necessary to support earth system science research efforts. Many of the largest weather prediction and climate research centers in the world work with Cray.  What people may not know is that Cray is a one the leaders in providing  scalable storage solutions for prediction … [Read more...]