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YarcData Announces the winners of the $100k Graph Analytics Challenge


The YarcData team recently announced the winners of the $100,000 Graph Analytics Challenge, which showcased the increasing applicability and adoption of graph analytics in discovering unknown relationships in Big Data.  The president of YarcData, Arvind Parthasarathi, shared his perspective on the challenge in a blog post on the YarcData website, and reflected on how graph analytics has impacted the way research is being conducted. Here is Arvind’s post: YarcData Blog: Reflecting on our Graph Analytics Challenge By Arvind Parthasarathi, President I wanted to thank the participants of our $100,000 Graph Analytics Challenge. It took our judges much deliberation to choose the winner, because each of the six finalists presented a … [Read more...]

Cray at Bio-IT World Conference in Boston

Cray is enabling better research practices in science.

The 2013 Bio-IT World Conference will be held from April 9-11 in Boston. The event represents a unique opportunity for visitors to learn how informatics plays a key role in multiple disciplines within life sciences. Today life sciences is evolving as it tries to cope with the deluge of data that is generated from rapidly evolving new technologies.  As data-intensive technologies take hold in a variety of research areas in life sciences, finding ways to develop efficient tools that can help analyze data is a major challenge for the IT industry. As a leader in the evolving high performance computing industry, Cray is creating unique solutions that leverage big data and supercomputing know-how. Cray's presence at the Bio-IT World … [Read more...]

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

CS300-AC (1) FINA2L

Over the last 12 months, I have felt more like a racecar driver than the CEO of Cray. We have been moving at NASCAR-like speed in almost every aspect of our business, while at same time leveraging the amazing technical leadership capabilities of our teams to do some things that Cray has never done before.   In the last year alone, we have: Built the largest supercomputer in the history of our company and the fastest storage subsystem ever built with the Blue Waters system at the University of Illinois (thanks to NCSA for using our Cray XE6 and Sonexion storage systems); Built the #1 system on the TOP500 list (congrats to Oak Ridge with their Cray XK7 supercomputer named “Titan”); Delivered the biggest supercomputer … [Read more...]

The Dawn of Big-Fast-Data

Binary Tunnel

In computing today we’re surrounded by the term Big Data. In fact it’s even beginning to invade some areas of popular culture. Whether it’s through Microsoft's SkyDrive, Adobe's Creative Cloud, Steam's gaming portal or the video industry with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, Big Data and its relationship to cloud storage is something that impacts people worldwide. Big Data is commonly talked about in terms of the “three Vs” -- Volume: the ability to process large quantities of data; Velocity: the rate at which the data is growing; and Variety: the forms, shapes and relationships of the data. Today I will be discussing what Cray is doing to enhance the movement of huge quantities of data for processing to meet the grow analysis demands … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Cray blog

Welcome to the Cray blog, where we will discuss many of the most important trends in the data center industry.

At Cray we pride ourselves in offering some of the most powerful and advanced  supercomputing technologies in the world through a comprehensive portfolio of high performance computing (HPC) systems, storage and Big Data solutions. We've been building supercomputing products for 40 years and can offer our customers consistent performance that is unparalleled from a scalability and reliability perspective. What we stand for at Cray These capabilities have set us apart from many supercomputing designers, but our care for our customers is among our greatest assets. Cray is focused on developing the best and most innovative systems that enable researchers in any discipline to meet existing and future simulation and analytics challenges. We … [Read more...]